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Monday, 26 November 2012

Step Into Life

For a decent job, a candidate is interviewed normally in the spheres of his intelligence, memory, reflex action, and common sense. Intelligence means the capacity to reach the correct target faster than the others. Example: Today’s temperature is 0 degrees Celsius, and tomorrow it would be double chill. What would be the temperature tomorrow?
We all know what memory is. It is unfortunate that in the interviews conducted by us, some graduates cannot name at least four countries touching the Indian border.
Reflex action means, how fast one can understand the question and how can he answer without any confusion, so that the interviewer can understand it. For example: who is the daughter of the mother in law of the father of the nation?
Common sense means, minimum logical outlook towards life. If a cat breaks one leg when it jumps from one foot, how many legs will be broken when it jumps from five feet? If somebody says ‘five’ there is something wrong with his common sense in the veil of arithmetical accuracy.

Intelligence is normally associated with mathematics and logic. To derive the answer for the first question, you should convert the temperature into Fahrenheit, double it and revert to Celsius. It works out to –8.888 degrees. For the third question, the answer is Kasturba Gandhi (assuming that she has no sisters).
The cat may or may not break its leg depending on where and how it jumps. The answer for the fourth question is, “ I cannot tell.”
When you don’t like your spouse, you may divorce, but once you are given a job, where the union is strong, you cannot be easily terminated. The employer may have to invest more than a crore of Rupees on you till your retirement. That is the reason why you are tested in various angles, particularly for highly professional and challenging jobs. It is the responsibility of the parents to create interest among their children in the above four spheres.
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